The Hundred Dresses

Maddie Reeves has a dilemma. When Wanda, a new classmate who wears the same faded blue dress to school every day, says she has 100 dresses at home, the kids tease her. The bullying gets so bad, Wanda and her family move away. Maddie is wracked with guilt. She soon realizes that allowing her friend to be a bully can be just as bad as acting that way herself. Wanda is gone, but Maddie gets another chance to stand up to her classmates, making an unlikely friend in the process.

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Performance Times:
7:00 PM Fridays; 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM Saturdays & Sundays
School Matinees:
9:30 AM & Noon, Tuesdays, Feb. 28 & Mar. 7, 2023
Kate Goldman Children's Theatre
Run Time:
Content Advisory:
Playhouse children’s theatre productions are intended for ages 5 and up.

Show Credits

By Mary Hall Surface

Based on the book by Eleanor Estes

Presented through special arrangement with Plays for New Audiences