Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express

Climb aboard the Orient Express! Destination… MURDER. It’s winter 1934, and a luxury train, the Orient Express, is full of passengers. When a snowdrift stops the train, one of the passengers is found dead in his locked compartment. It’s up to one passenger, the famous detective, Hercule Poirot, to solve this bizarre case before the killer strikes again. Join us for the ultimate whodunit… but don’t reveal the culprit to others.

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Performance Times:
7:30 PM Wednesdays through Saturdays & 2:00 PM Sundays
John Viars Theatre
Run Time:
Content Advisory:
The Playhouse does not rate subject matter as sensitivities vary from person to person. If you have questions about content, age appropriateness, or other aspects of the show (ie strobe lights and other theatrical effects), please contact the ticket office at 515.277.6261.


  • Michel the Conductor

    Charles Betts

    Michel the Conductor
  • Daisy (voiceover)

    Vivian Rosalie Coleman

    Daisy (voiceover)
  • Mom / Nanny (voiceovers)

    Kersten Daubitz

    Mom / Nanny (voiceovers)
  • Hercule Poirot

    Cedric Fevrier

    Hercule Poirot
  • Samuel Ratchett

    Michael Garrison

    Samuel Ratchett
  • Marcel, Headwaiter

    Jonathan Garton

    Marcel, Headwaiter
  • Greta Ohlsson

    Katie Hughes

    Greta Ohlsson
  • Hector MacQueen

    Nate Jorgensen

    Hector MacQueen
  • Monsieur Bouc

    Sean Kanuso

    Monsieur Bouc
  • Dad / Radio Belgrade (voiceovers), Sound Designer

    Michael Meacham

    Dad / Radio Belgrade (voiceovers), Sound Designer
  • Helen Hubbard

    Cate Miller

    Helen Hubbard
  • Countess Andrenyi

    Katie Saldanha

    Countess Andrenyi
  • Princess Dragomiroff

    Donna Scarfe

    Princess Dragomiroff
  • Colonel Arbuthnot

    Evan Schettler

    Colonel Arbuthnot
  • Mary Debenham

    Jaclyn Stiller

    Mary Debenham
  • Train Announcer (voiceover)

    Sylvain Vroland

    Train Announcer (voiceover)
  • Director

    David R. Kilpatrick

  • Scenic Designer / Projections Designer

    Nicholas Amundson

    Scenic Designer / Projections Designer
  • Lighting Designer

    Amanda Pichler

    Lighting Designer
  • Video Designer

    Carski Studios

    Video Designer
  • Properties Designer

    Allyson Braun

    Properties Designer
  • Stage Manager

    Pilar Burg

    Stage Manager
  • Assistant Director

    Jonah Kruse

    Assistant Director
  • Playhouse Artistic Director

    Katy Merriman

    Playhouse Artistic Director

Show Credits

Adapted for the stage by Ken Ludwig

Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

Sponsored by

  • Edward Jones