The Playhouse encourages performers of any race, ethnicity, gender, age, or other personal differentiations to audition for its plays. Where specific casting demands are not indicated by the playwright, any performer is encouraged to audition for any role.

From Playhouse Artistic Director, Katy Merriman:

  • Roles are listed based on the gender identity of the character. Any actor who feels they can play the gender identity of a listed character is welcome to audition for the role.
  • Unless a role is specifically listed as a certain race or ethnicity because of the requirements of the story or playwright, any person of any race or ethnicity is welcome and encouraged to audition for a role. We cast characters based on the personality traits, looks, acting ability, dancing ability, and musical ability needed for the role.
  • All ages are the suggested ages of the characters, not age requirements for those wishing to audition. We don’t care what an actor’s actual age is and age should not discourage anyone age 8 and up from auditioning.
  • The way a person looks or identifies has historically been taken into consideration when creating a cast for a show, but that should not be a limiting factor in actor eligibility. Rather, it should be an inspirational means of including people in theatre, specifically those who have been marginalized and excluded from past theatre experiences. Theatre is a creative endeavor for anyone who wants to be a part of it – no rules and dream big.
  • Please read the detailed role descriptions in the Casting Manager postings for the auditions.

More information on The Playhouse’s audition process is at the bottom of this page.

You can sign up to receive an audition notice via email by clicking here and choosing Volunteer Updates: Audition Notices (acting).

Monday, Nov 07, 6:00 pm

Performance Dates: Jan. 06-Jan. 22, 2023

Cast Needs: Any gender roles: 6, ages 16 and up, any race or ethnicity, Musicians: 1-4, must be able to read music and willing to be an integral part of the storytelling,

Cast Needs:

Audition Details

Saturday, Dec 03, 10:00 am

Performance Dates: Feb. 03-Feb. 19, 2023

Cast Needs: Male-identifying roles: 5 ages 20-60, Black, Female-identifying roles: 3 ages 20-60, Black,

Cast Needs:

Audition Details

Monday, Dec 12, 6:00 pm

Performance Dates: Feb. 24-Mar. 12, 2023

Cast Needs: Male-identifying roles: 1 age 20-75, 3 ages 8-16, any race or ethnicity, Female-identifying roles: 2 ages 20-75, 4 ages 8-16, any race or ethnicity,

Cast Needs:

Audition Details

Monday, Nov 14, 6:00 pm

Performance Dates: Mar. 17-Apr. 02, 2023

Cast Needs: Male-Identifying roles: 5 ages 20-50, any race or ethnicity; 2 ages 7-10, any race or ethnicity, Female-identifying roles: 5 ages 16 and up, any race or ethnicity, Ensemble: ages 16 and up, any gender, any race or ethnicity,

Cast Needs:

Audition Details

Monday, Feb 27, 6:00 pm

Performance Dates: Apr. 21-May. 07, 2023

Cast Needs: Male-identifying role: 1 age 10 in appearance, any race or ethnicity, Any gender roles: 7 ages 18 and up, any race or ethnicity,

Cast Needs:

Audition Details

Monday, Apr 10, 6:00 pm

Performance Dates: Jun. 02-Jun. 18, 2023

Cast Needs: Male-identifying roles: 1 age 30-40, Latino; 1 age 60-80, White, Female-identifying roles: 1 age 30-40, Latina; 1 age 60-80, White, Any gender roles: 2-4 ages 16 and up, majority Latinx,

Cast Needs:

Audition Details

Monday, May 22, 6:00 pm

Performance Dates: Jul. 14-Jul. 30, 2023

Cast Needs: Male-identifying roles: 4-5 ages 16 and up, any race or ethnicity, Female-identifying roles: 4-5 ages 16 and up, any race or ethnicity; 1 ages 16 and up, Black,

Cast Needs:

Audition Details

Audition Process

Details and links to Casting Manager will be posted several weeks prior to auditions and can be accessed by clicking on Audition Details under the show title.

Anyone can sign up for an audition by clicking the Sign Up for an Audition link within each show’s details. The link will take you to Casting Manager where you can create a profile, fill in your information, submit your conflicts, and sign up for an audition time. You are also welcome to fill out the Casting Manager form at The Playhouse on the day of auditions as a walk-up. Our audition crew will help you get signed in with Casting Manager if you need assistance. (You will have an earlier audition time and a shorter wait if you sign up online in advance, and we strongly encourage this.) If you need assistance with an online form for any reason, please contact Katy Merriman, artistic director, at 515.974.5354.

Those auditioning for musicals must bring a prepared solo. An accompanist will be provided, as well as the ability to play an accompaniment track from an iPhone or similar device.

If you are unable to attend auditions in person, you may submit an audition video by 6:00 PM on the date of your audition. Casting Manager will provide details on what you should prepare and record for your video audition. A few tips for filming:

  1. Use a smartphone or tablet to film your audition. If you don’t have access to a device to film, please reach out to Playhouse artistic director Katy Merriman for assistance. If you have a friend who can film and be a reading partner, that is great! If not, prop the device on a stack of books or something similar and take a test video to make sure you are in the frame.
  2. State your name and the part you are auditioning for at stage volume and clarity at the beginning of your video. If you can do this separately and then film your readings in separate takes, that is best as you can take time to get into character.
  3. Please film in a tight to medium frame from the chest up. Choose a quiet room with a neutral background and good lighting that doesn’t cast shadows in your video.
  4. Please choose a reading partner to read the lines that are not your character’s for your filming. The most important part of your partner’s reading is that you can hear them and we can see your response in your video. They do not need to be on camera.
  5. Enjoy yourself, don’t look directly into the camera, and don’t stress! If you can memorize the scenes, that is great. If you are holding a script, that’s okay too. Prepare by knowing the story, who you are in the play, and what is happening in the scene, but don’t spend hours and hours doing multiple takes and stressing about the video. Save yourself time by doing your actor homework before you film.

Anyone who ever wanted to act, from an individual with no experience to the most seasoned actor, is welcome on our stage.

Safety Guide, updated Aug. 31, 2022

The Playhouse no longer requires masks in the building. However, masks are welcomed! If it makes you more comfortable, please feel free to wear a mask. We understand that individual healthcare is a matter of personal practices and choices.

We do ask that you stay home:

  • if you are feeling sick, or
  • have a positive test, or
  • have had exposure to someone who has COVID

Please note: The Playhouse remains committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for volunteers and guests. Should circumstances change once again, mask mandates return, or the CDC alters its recommendations, we will follow the most stringent guidelines. Click here to read our changes as of Aug. 31, 2022.

Feel free to reach out to David Kilpatrick, Playhouse executive director, with questions at any time, 515.974.5353.

Questions about auditions should be directed to Playhouse artistic director Katy Merriman, 515.974.5354.


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